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While raising farm animals is a reward in itself, it also has its challenges. Anyone who has taken care of livestock knows how difficult feeding time can be. If you don’t use the right feeder, it’s very likely that you will end up wasting a lot of feed, so it’s important to choose the right feeder from the dozens of livestock feeders available today.

1. Ensure The Feeder Is Durable

Some farm animals love destroying things just for the heck of it. This is why it’s important to choose a feeder that is durable and can withstand the abuse of your animals. At the same time, the feeder should be made from quality materials so it will be able to survive the elements and harsh weather conditions Australia is known for.

2. Ensure Your Livestock Feeder is Safe

Metal feeders with sharp edges can potentially injure your farm animals, while large feeders can potentially fit smaller foals and calves inside. As a farm owner, the safety of your livestock is always your priority. As such, when choosing a specific type of feeder, see to it that they are safe for the animals to use, regardless of their size. It should also be stable, so it won’t get easily pushed by the animals, causing it to fall over them.

3. Consider The Animals

To ensure the comfort of your farm animals during feeding time, see to it that the livestock feeder you choose is made specifically for them. For example, if your animals have horns, choose feeders for animals with horns. Always remember that what works for one type of animal may not work with another. As such, to prevent wasting feed, always consider the animals that will use the feeder.

Be sure to take these tips into consideration when asking a metal fabrication company to make custom feeders for your farm animals. This way, you can rest assured that no feed will go to waste and no animals will get injured during feeding time.

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