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In every project, standards must be followed to ensure the integrity and the quality of the work. This gives both the client and the service provider the assurance that the project won’t cause them any problems in the foreseeable future. For those in the steel industry, it is very important to adhere to Australian Steel Standards so they can deliver work that will satisfy their clients and at the same time, avoid structural issues that could lead to safety risks and a potential loss of revenue.

What Are The Australian Steel Standards?

According to the Australian Steel Institute, the Australian Steel Standards (AS/NZS 5131) defines good practice for the fabrication and erection of structural steelwork in the country. It serves as the basis for the new National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme or NSSCS, addressing the following issues:

·         Requirements for documentation and specification
·         Materials, including steel, welding consumables, fasteners and grout
·         Preparation and assembly, including cutting, shaping and holing
·         Welding, including welding processes and qualification of welding procedures and personnel
·         Mechanical fastening (bolting, tensioning of bolts, special fasteners, post-fixed anchors)
·         Surface treatment and corrosion protection
·         Architecturally exposed structural steelwork
·         Erection
·         Geometrical tolerances
·         Inspection, testing and correction
·         Site modifications and repair of existing structures

The Importance Of Steel Standards

Today, when infrastructure development is rising steadily, and the structural steelwork for Australian projects is being provided by both local and international fabricators, it is essential to have a strict and transparent definition of what constitutes “quality” steelwork. With the creation and implementation of the Australian Steel Standards, fabricators now have concrete guidelines on how to deliver top-quality steelwork that won’t put anyone’s safety at risk.

Compliance with Australian Standards is a must for both local and foreign-based steel fabricators. Not only it is required by the industry, but it also serves as proof of their competency and commitment to upholding the provisions of the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

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